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A tale of luxury, foretold by 100% natural ingredients, combined to provide beauty, freshness and youth to your lips. Keep them hydrated, juicy and protected. Lipcodes™ are manufactured and contained in 100% biodegradable tubes, keeping it green since day one, never compromising your experience, the product quality or luxury. Never compromising your experience, the product quality or luxury.

Жена в магазина на VOGUE CLINIC разглежда флакони с балсам за устни Lipcodes
Снимка на флакон балсам за устни Lipcodes в малка чинийка на плажа

Our team is small, but distinguished in the field of aesthetics and lip care. Our many years of experience with patients wishing to enhance the beauty of their lips has taught us that for optimal lip vision results, in addition to access to the best specialists, care created with extreme attention to detail is required. So around Christmas 2018, we created the perfect product that everyone on our team would love to use in their lip care. It was only when our standards were met that lipcodes™ was introduced to the market. We didn’t just make sure to provide our patients with lip care created with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients on the market. We have also created our own biodegradable packaging to do our part in protecting nature.

Why Lipcodes?

Luxury beauty

Икона с форма на пулверизатор за парфюм

Without artificial fragrances

Уникалните аромати на Lipcodes се постигат благодарение на комбинацията от естествени съставки. Не са изкуствено добавени.

Икона с форма на лист на цвете

100% natural and vegan

Нашите продукти са направени от 100% натурални, веган съставки.

Икона на колба

Without Chemicals

Lipcodes са напълно безопасни за теб, защото са направени с много любов, и без изкуствено добавени химикали и оцветители.

Stay green